Saturday, October 13, 2007


Today, October 13, is the commemoration of all deceased benefactors of the Order. As Augustinians we are especially mindful that we walk this journey together with others. Our charity, poverty, and obedience, as Augustinians, is linked to the charity that we show others in our community and our ministry. Augustine taught that love covers a multitude of sins.

Our love for our family, friends, and those who were good to our community does not stop when our journey on this earth ends, for it continues into God's Kingdom. Some of the benefactors whom we remember today include:

1. Dorothy Menna, my mother, who was a great emotional and financial supporter of our community in its early days.

2. Michael Dunn, a dear friend to our community who God called home much to early, but we now have his help in heaven.

3. Fr. Kevin, a Roman priest who was a great financial benefactor for many years in the beginning of our journey.

Our benefactors list includes all of the deceased relatives of our Oblates and Friars as well. As Augustinians we are mindful that we are products from where we come and are always grateful for the emotional and spiritual support of our family and friends who made it possible for us to say yes to God on our day of promises, reception, or profession.

I remember one day during my novitiate with the OSA when my mother was visiting. My novice Master told my mother, after she questioned something that he was doing with us, that I belonged to them now. A true Italian mother, she reminded HIM that if it were not for her, I would not be with them, that I was her son and ALWAYS would be "hers." Mom, help me never to forget those words of wisdom with our own members!

As our Mother Monica taught us, remember these souls at the altar of God!