Monday, April 6, 2009

Holy Week Reflection

Our new postulant asked recently if there were any specific Augustinian traditions for Holy Week.
I am not aware of any specific Augustinian traditions for Holy Week that differ from the Roman usage. Our "parent" Order, the OSA was unique in its founding being erected directly by the Holy See in 1256. As such it is very much Roman Rite, with less diversions in its own rites unlike the Benedictines, for example.

But, I like what Lyngine pointed out regarding the why and how. As Augustinians our spirit flows from the intimate love made manifest in God's incarnation. Thus, the love of Jesus in obedience to the Father is what we focus upon. Jesus went to the cross because he loved the Father and loved us and knew that this act of total self sacrifice was necessary for our return to God, our reconciliation to God, and our return as chosen children of God.

It was love that enabled Jesus to endure all of this for US. We in turn do all, suffer all, edure all, for love of God by loving each other. This love is not a cheap sentimental love, but real love by giving to each other, epsecilaly when you feel you have nothing left to give. That is the Augustinian tradition...simple and quiet giving from the heart in especially the little things in life. How can we love God whom we do not see if we do not love our brothers and sisters whom we do see? So, think of those in your life who need love and offer your penenace and sacrifice for them, not only this week, but always.