Wednesday, November 21, 2007

All Saints of the Augustinian Order

This month we remember and celebrate the important Catholic Dogma of the Communion of Saints. This dogma reminds us that we are all saints in God's reign by our baptism. The Church is a continuing communion of people here now and those who have gone before us. We are all Graced as God's children. All called to continue to share the love that God has given us in a life of Grace.

As Augustinian we remember that some of us now and in history have been called to deepen their baptism by following the Rule of Our Holy Father Augustine. We stop this month to remember, and give thanks and praise for the gift that we all are to one another in community here on earth and from heaven above.

I would like to remember and give thanks to all our saints here and now in the AIHM.

Bishop Timothy for his gift of humility in service to leadership and his trust in me and our Order and providing an ecclesiastical home for us in which to minister and worship. Like Augustine said, "for you I am bishop, with you I am Christian." Tim, I think you and Augustine will make great pals in heaven someday.

Brother John Bartholomew for his gift of keeping us all grounded. There is no pretense in him. He is the real deal and keeps us all honest in the face of reality. He has a real mystic soul, too.

Our Oblate brother Casey for his gentle spirit. He has shown us all that love is quiet but strong. He is a gift of real joy. Joy shows the true presence of God in our midst. ( And his partner David for his gift of support to us all. David, you are more Augustinian than you may realize and a vital part of our fraternity.)

Sister Sharie Marie, who reminds me of many of the gifts that Monica must have given to her son. You have a depth of wisdom that comes from the special vocation of motherhood. Your support of your brothers and sisters is very important to me.

Sister Lyngine Dominique-Marie, who also brings a great joy and laughter to our communio. She has a smile that can wipe away all the fears and anxieties of daily life and reminds us that God's love really can conquer anything. The support and understanding you bring have become a real bedrock this past year.

Father Christopher Ambrose who has chosen his patron name well. Like Ambrose you have a theological mind that is keen but not beyond the understanding of those to whom you minister. You make your reflections pastorally relevant. Your gift of spiritual and theological reflection blend well into the history of Augustinian theological thought and serve us all well.

May Our Holy Father Augustine and Mother Monica and all our brother and sister friars share their gift of prayer with us as we continue the journey they once trod until we meet them in the New Jerusalem. Amen